A Travel-Themed Classroom

Welcome to my classroom! 
This is where fun and learning collide.

Thinking about switching up your classroom theme?
Interested in doing travel/adventure/journey, but don't know where to start? Don't want to spend a lot of time and/or money on a new theme?
I hear ya.
That's why I've created...
 MEGA Bundle includes:
Travel Behavior Management Clip Chart
Travel Themed Alphabet Cards
Travel Themed Classroom Jobs: Flight Crew
EDITABLE Travel-themed Name/Desk tags
Word Wall Alphabet Cards
Travel Themed Classroom Schedule Cards: Our Flight Itinerary
Travel Calendar Set
Travel Grouping Cards
Travel Numbered Labels/Tags
On the Road to Comprehension
Rules of the Road Classroom Rules Display
The Writing Journey Posters
Continent Table Group Labels

Continent Group Label Cards - UPDATED
"Lost Luggage" No Name Papers Display
Travel-themed "How Do We Get Home?" EDITABLE Display
Travel-themed GROUPS Poster - Group Behavior Expectations

That's a total of  360 travel-themed pages!!!
Click HERE to purchase everything you need for only $16.99!


Click HERE to take a classroom tour
Here are some pictures of how I have specifically carried my travel-theme through many aspects of my classroom:

Each student has an airplane with their name on it

"Passport" Name tags:

Each student starts the day on "Ready to Fly" and moves up or down.
Click HERE to see the packet in my TpT store.
"Baggage Claim"

 Each student has a suitcase with their number on it beside their hook:
These numbered tags are available in my store for only $1
"Homework Hotel"

Rules of the Road
You can read about my "Rules of the Road" activity by clicking HERE.
On the first day of school, after we've discussed the four main rules, each student is going to receive a "Driver's License" that will be signed and hung on the board.
This activity idea can be found in my 30-page
Rules of the Road Packet:
Lunch count:
"Road to Comprehension"
Welcome to "Lawlerville"
Grouping Cards:
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Old decor:
Our Classroom Rules

Classroom Management

Classroom Job Chart

Table Group Labels - get these labels for FREE


Sign for my classroom library


  1. Wow! You've really carrie your theme through every part of your classroom. Please tell me you don't change your theme each year!

  2. What an AMAZING classroom! So cute and very clever! Thank you so much for linking up with Room Theme Mania. Thank you for sharing your talents!

  3. I absolutely love this! you have been so creative and your students are so lucky to be in such a well-planned and crafty room! Beautiful :)

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  5. Excellent I really like your behavior chart. Where did you get the timeline next to the behavior chart?

    1. So glad you like the Behavior Chart - it has been really effective this year :).

      The timeline is part of our Bible curriculum (I teach at a Christian school). We read about different Christian heroes (from the Bible and beyond) and add them to our timeline.

  6. LOVING this post-- exactly the inspiration I needed for my travel themed classroom next year. I'm stumped on labeling classroom jobs. I'd like them themed as well (Special/Star Student=Pilot, Door Holder=Copilot, Paper Passer-Outer= Flight Attendant, etc.). Did you do any of that by chance?

    1. Hi Tabitha!

      So glad you like the theme - it's been soooo fun having a travel-themed classroom these past three years.

      I love your suggestion of the themed Classroom Jobs - I'll get right on that and send you a copy when I'm done :)

  7. I'm wondering your thoughts on doing a travel theme in a grade 6 math/science classroom? In grade 6 we do air and aerodynamics, space, trees and forests, etc. and so I think this theme could tie in well...I don't want to do something too young for the age group but I am thinking I could make this theme older somehow. What are your thoughts?

  8. Hi Miss Nagy,
    Thanks for stopping by :)
    Yes, I definitely think that this travel/adventure theme would work in your 6th grade classroom! Every year my 5th graders are actively engaged in the theme - especially the boys (who are tired of polka dots and owls). I'm confident that your 6th graders would love it too. Because you teach such applicable concepts, I'm sure you could have a lot of fun implementing your theme into those topics.
    Let me know if you need anything specific that I can create for you :)

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  11. You have great ideas! Keep it up! Btw, have you seen the calendars from Calendar Club http://calendars.com.au/all-categories/travel-calendars.html. They have different calendars but the link I supplied are travel-themed calendars. Maybe you can gain more ideas and inspiration from these beautiful calendars. Good luck!

  12. I love it! Can't wait to use the alphabet wall cards next year!

  13. I would love to hear more about your history mystery suitcase! How did you use that?

    1. Hi Bethany!
      Sure thing - the History Mystery suitcase is one of my favorite parts of the classroom! I used it to introduce each new unit/topic in Social Studies. On the day we were to start a new chapter, I would fill the suitcase with items, pictures, etc. that had to do with the topic. I would call students up to pull the items out of the suitcase and as a class we would make predictions about what we were going to be studying. The kiddos loved it!

  14. I bought the package and love it all. Can't wait to use it. Would you make a "how I get home" chart; bus, car, walker etc

    1. Hi Jolene,
      Yes - absolutely! I would be happy to create that and add it to the Mega Bundle. I'll let you know when it's up and ready for a re-download. Great idea! :)

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  19. Do you by any chance have it in Spanish?

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