God's Creation: Preschool Bible Learning Day

Kids are naturally curious about the world around them. 
My preschoolers are constantly pointing out different things they see out the car window, following lines of ants around the playground, and identifying random cloud shapes they see in the sky. I decided to build on this fascination and do a mini-unit all about Creation on our Preschool Bible Learning Day (a day we invite friends over to do fun Bible-themed learning activities together).
To begin the lesson I sat all the preschoolers down and started listing things (clouds, trees, rhinos, flowers, apples, babies, grass, monkeys, moms and dads) and asked the kids who created all of those things (they proudly yelled, "GOD!"). Then I asked them how long it took for God to create everything? Each child got a turn to answer (and the responses varied from 1 to 29 to 4,030). I told the kiddos that we were going to watch this video that gave an account of every day of creation. Afterwards I wanted them to tell me how many days they heard. This video is from Saddleback Kids and gives a great overview of Creation (from Genesis 1-2). It is only 3:28 long.
We then reviewed the 7 days of creation with this fun coloring page:
We hung it on our fridge and will refer back to it throughout the week. I'm not really concerned with my preschoolers memorizing what God created on each day - I'm more focused on them know that 1) God created everything, 2) He did it in an orderly, organized way, and 3) He built a day of rest (Sabbath) into our week

Then we gathered back on the carpet to read this cute book:
God's Bright and Beautiful Colors by Crystal Bowman
This book highlights the different beautiful colors God gave us through his creation. Each page focuses on a different color and has an activity to keep the kiddos engaged.
You can purchase this cute board book on Amazon here --> https://amzn.to/2Z1SXOB
*Note: This is an affiliate link, which means I receive a small commission for sharing the link, at no cost to you. All commission goes back into the running of Joy in the Journey. 

Next we practiced identifying colors with this fun and easy activity. I punched out different colored circles (a large and a small of each color). I glued the small colorful circles on a display board and mixed up the large colorful circles. One by one the kids chose a large colorful circle, identified the color, and matched it to the small circle on the board. Then they answered the question: "What is one thing that God created that is (whatever color circle they were holding). This activity reinforced not only color identification, but also drove home the idea that our God is a Creative God.

Next we did a sensory activity: we created clouds with shaving cream!
I gave each preschooler a small squirt of shaving cream and let them go to town! To say they loved it would be an understatement :) We used this time to review the days of creation and talk about God creating the clouds. We shared two benefits of clouds (protection from the sun's rays/heat and providing precipitation). If you've never done shaving cream clouds, I urge you to try it! It's really great for cleaning desks/tables (and it smells good too!) I bought my can of shaving cream at the dollar store.

Then, to emphasize the point that God created humans special (out of the dust, in His image) we completed these "God made me special" mirrors.  Each child drew a self portrait and traced the word "special." The bottom says "He loves me just the way I am!" We glue large popsicle sticks to the back to create a stand for our mirrors.
 Lastly, we took the fun outside and went on a Creation Hunt!
I bought magnifying glasses for every child to use as we hunted for different examples of God's creation.  These are cute, durable and actually work to magnify things!

Phew! What a fun morning! 

If you'd like to do these activities with your preschoolers, here are some links for you:
The video: Creation (Genesis 1-2) by Saddleback Kids
The book: God's Bright and Beautiful Colors
The Creation/Nature Hunt log is FREE here
The Days of Creation is from this God Created the World resource
The God Made Me Special mirror templates are from this God Made Me! resource

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