Get Your Students Digging In Their Bibles {FREEBIE!}

Do you want your students digging in God's Word and thinking critically about what they are reading? If you responded with a resounding, "YES!" then keep reading for some ideas and a special FREEBIE just for you!

As a Christian teacher it is my deepest desire to see my students develop and grow a thriving relationship with the Lord. But giving our students a 20 minute Bible lesson three times a week isn't enough. Taking them to a chapel service once a week isn't enough. Your students need intentional time spent learning about and reading God's Word every. single. day.

I believe that the Bible is God's Word. It is the account of God's work on Earth to redeem sinful people back to Himself. It is living and active. It has the power to change lives!

Do your students believe that?

Do YOU believe that?

Here are some fun and easy ways to get your students reading the Bible:
1. Tell them about what you're reading
Our passion for the Word needs to be contagious! We need to share with our students what we're reading in our daily quiet times, what lessons we're learning, what awesome ideas we took away from the sermon we listened to at church on Sunday. Talk with your students about what God is revealing to you through His Word. Some teachers have a "What I'm Reading" board where they update the class on what book they are reading - you could do this, but instead of listing your current novel, write what chapter or book of the Bible you're reading. Insight for your students (and accountability for you too!)
2. Ask them about what they're learning
After you've opened up to them about what you're reading and learning, turn the tables and let your students share. On Mondays ask your class what they learned at church the day before. This provides a great way to hear their hearts and provide some accountability to make sure they're paying attention!
3. Read the Bible with your class
Start your morning with time in God's Word. This doesn't need to be part of your Bible curriculum - just pick a book of the Bible (or have your class vote!) and start reading together. Stop and comment on what you're hearing about God's character, about God's plan, about Hs calling on our lives, etc.
Not sure where to start? I recommend reading John or Romans if you want a really good overview of the Gospel, or Proverbs if you're looking for nuggets of real-life wisdom. You can also use a kids devotional if you want stories that will relate to your students and connect back to God's Word. The Gospel Coalition has some great devotional recommendations for all ages.

To make it easy for you to get your students digging in their Bibles, I've created this FREE Daily Devotional graphic organizer that your students can use to track what they're reading. In my classroom we completed this page together for each new chapter/book we read and compiled it into a class booklet. At the end of the year I photocopied a copy for each student to take home. Alternatively, you can have each student fill it in independently. (I recommend you guide your class through it the first couple of times so they know what types of things to write in each box)

Click the link to download your FREE Daily Devotional graphic organizer for kids
If you use this free resource with your students, I'd LOVE to hear about it!

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