FREE Nature Hunt activities for kids

It's Time for a Nature Hunt!
Take your child outside for a fun time exploring different beautiful parts of nature!
Set aside specific, intentional time to discover and investigate with your child - Make sure you dress appropriately (you might get dirty!) 

Ideas to Engage Your Child:
  • Give your child a magnifying glass and encourage them to look closely at the world around them
  • Practice identifying the color of every item your child sees (i.e. this leaf is green (or even light green vs. dark green for older children)
  • Practice counting the nature items you find (“How many pinecones can you count at the base of this tree?”) 
  • Have your child describe the things he sees using his five senses (“the top of this leaf looks pointy, the woodpecker is noisy, this rock is smooth, this flower smells beautiful, etc.”)
  • Have a kid that doesn’t like to get his hands dirty or touch bugs? Let him wear a pair of kid-sized gardening gloves.
  • Let your child keep a bug in a bug catcher – make sure to put lots of leaves, sticks, and grass in there to make him feel at home. After a day or two release the bug back into nature.
  • Talk about the different habitats for animals in nature – woods, ponds, jungles, fields, artic tundra, deserts, oceans, etc.
  • Brainstorm how the nature area you’re exploring will look different depending on  the season. (no leaves in the fall, snow covering the ground in winter, baby animals in spring, blooming flowers in summer, etc.)
  • Collect rocks and paint them with fun colors and encouraging sayings. Leave them on a walking path or at a park for others to find!

To help make your nature hunt filled with fun and learning, I have created some free printable activities for you to use with your little one! There are several options for you to use - choose what works best for your child or use them all!

Here's a preview of what's included:

  • A magnifying glass template: Give your child a magnifying glass and let him loose! Let him explore and then record the different plants, bugs, rocks, etc. that he observed.
  • Nature Hunt Log: Perfect for pre-writers, this log asks your child to find different specific things in nature and then color them in as he finds them. Celebrate with a yummy snack when the log is completed!
  • Colorful Nature Hunt: This is a higher-level thinking activity that asks your child to identifying different things in nature and then sort them by color. You can write the items as your child dictates to you or have them draw pictures for each color category.

And the best part? You can download these activities for FREE! 
Click here to download: FREE Nature Hunt Activities for Kids

If you go on a nature hunt with your child(ben) I'd love to hear about it! E-mail me news of what you discover and some pictures if you have them! 
Happy hunting!

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