FREE Bible Devotional Activity for Kids

Happy Friday, dear teachers!
As a Christian teacher, it was my desire to not only teach students the curriculum, but also give them opportunities to develop personal Bible reading skills. Reading Bible passages and thinking critically about what it means is not something that will just happen without effort. 
When we read the Bible we want to:
  • read
  • decode important vocabulary
  • determine context/historical background
  • think critically
  • make connections
  • reflect/apply it to our lives
  • pray

It takes time and practice for adults to develop these skills - and we can't expect our students to do all of these things without direct instruction, modeling, and a whole lot of practice!
To give my students the needed practice, I set up a time each week to do a "Digging Devotion" where the kids would dig in their bibles and complete a devotional page.
Give your students a copy of the activity page and a Bible passage (or let them choose!) and get them digging in their Bibles and thinking critically about what they read. Perfect for Christian school teachers, Sunday school leaders, and homeschooling parents. 

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