Preschool Bible Lessons: Jesus Calms the Sea

I love creating these Bible-themed preschool lessons - I think it's so important for little ones to be introduced to Bible stories and biblical concepts in a way they can understand and remember. These print-and-go Preschool Bible lessons make it so easy for you to use these activities with your students. Each resource includes lesson plans, skill activities, fun crafts, and more - perfect for the busy teacher, Sunday School leader, or homeschooling parent.
Through these activities the children will learn that Jesus did miracles! Through the Bible story and activities, the kids will learn that we don't need to fear when we are afraid because God is always with us. Jesus demonstrated His mighty power by calming the storm with his words - we serve an awesome God!
This print-and-go preschool Bible resource includes:
  • List of materials
  • Suggested Bible verse (Mark 4:41)
  • Suggested lesson plans
  • The Story: Jesus Calms the Sea (kid-friendly story paraphrased from Mark 4:35-41)
  • Activity: Chalk Storm
  • Activity: Ocean in a Bottle
  • Activity: Musical Storm
  • Sequencing: Story Events in Order

  • Letter Matching Activity: Fear vs. Peace 

  • Handwriting: S is for Storm Handwriting Practice Page
  • Comparing Activity: Sizing Up the Storm
  • Shadow Matching Activity: Storm Shadows

  • Craft: Jesus Calmed the Sea flip book
  • Craft: Peace! Be Still!

  • Mark 4:41 Bible verse cards (10 per page)

My preschoolers absolutely loved these activities - and I was so encouraged by how many story details they remembered! As Christian teachers, we want more than just cute bulletin boards and activities - we truly hope that our students come away from these lessons understanding more about the Bible, who God is, and who they are in God's eyes.

If you'd like to use these activities with your preschoolers, you can check out the full resource here --> Preschool Bible Lessons: Jesus Calms the Sea

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