Weekly Bible Journal Prompts

As a Christian teacher, I was always looking for meaningful ways to integrate Bible into different areas of the curriculum. Every Monday I had my students complete a journal entry based on a different prompt I'd come up with (where was your favorite vacation? what animal makes the best pet and why? etc.) and while it was fun to read these, they didn't really dig deep. I wanted something that would give my students the opportunity to develop good writing habits and also challenge them to think critically from a biblical perspective - thus, Bible Journal Prompts was born!

This resource includes 36 prompts (I used one for every week in the school year) that can be done in any order.

Each prompt gives the student a Bible verse (or passage) to look up and then asks them to reflect on what they've read with a specific prompt. There are two templates included for you to choose from:
1. Bible Journal Prompts with space for a picture
2. Bible Journal Prompts with extra lines (no picture)

I have also created a Power Point presentation with all of the prompts if you'd like to display the prompt on a projector and have the students answer it in their spirals/journals:

Here are some examples of the prompts included:

I've also included a teacher checklist for you to use to keep track of the prompts you've assigned to your students. Lastly, I've also provided blank templates (printable and on the PPT file) for you to type your own prompts if you'd like:

Here's what teachers are saying about this resource:

"My youth group enjoys how this bundle lets them write. They enjoy writing, and it is so great that this encourages them to write about what our God has provided for us. This is a must have bundle." -Kaila W.

"This is an awesome product. My 3rd-5th graders are creating Bible interactive journals with this product. They love it!!!" -April L.

"I am a Christian school teacher, and I love products that already have built-in biblical integration. I am so excited to use this with my students this year! This will be fantastic for daily journal writing." -Cynthia S.

Simplify your lesson planning with this print-and-go resource that will get your students digging in their Bibles, reflecting on what they read, and developing their writing skills - sounds like a win-win-win to me! :)
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