Bible Mother's Day Activity

On Mother's Day we honor our mothers and thank them for the sacrifices they've made and the love they've poured into their families all year long. I wanted to create a Bible activity for students to dig deep in their Bibles and take a look at important mothers that demonstrated godly character traits. We can learn from these mothers and recognize the important character traits in our own mothers. Then the students could make their moms (or aunts or grandmothers) a sweet little craft card for Mother's Day.

I've created a print-and-go resource for you to use with your students. This Important Mothers in the Bible download includes six mini biographies of important mothers in the Bible and an activity page for your students to take notes on:
It also includes a print-and-go craft/card that can help your students see the important qualities in their own God-loving mothers (or grandmothers or aunts, etc.)
There are multiple flower templates for you to choose from:

Click here to download this print-and-go project --> Important Mothers in the Bible

Happy Mother's Day, teacher friends! I pray you feel loved and cherished on this special day!

Preschool Bible Lessons: Jesus Calms the Sea

I love creating these Bible-themed preschool lessons - I think it's so important for little ones to be introduced to Bible stories and biblical concepts in a way they can understand and remember. These print-and-go Preschool Bible lessons make it so easy for you to use these activities with your students. Each resource includes lesson plans, skill activities, fun crafts, and more - perfect for the busy teacher, Sunday School leader, or homeschooling parent.
Through these activities the children will learn that Jesus did miracles! Through the Bible story and activities, the kids will learn that we don't need to fear when we are afraid because God is always with us. Jesus demonstrated His mighty power by calming the storm with his words - we serve an awesome God!
This print-and-go preschool Bible resource includes:
  • List of materials
  • Suggested Bible verse (Mark 4:41)
  • Suggested lesson plans
  • The Story: Jesus Calms the Sea (kid-friendly story paraphrased from Mark 4:35-41)
  • Activity: Chalk Storm
  • Activity: Ocean in a Bottle
  • Activity: Musical Storm
  • Sequencing: Story Events in Order

  • Letter Matching Activity: Fear vs. Peace 

  • Handwriting: S is for Storm Handwriting Practice Page
  • Comparing Activity: Sizing Up the Storm
  • Shadow Matching Activity: Storm Shadows

  • Craft: Jesus Calmed the Sea flip book
  • Craft: Peace! Be Still!

  • Mark 4:41 Bible verse cards (10 per page)

My preschoolers absolutely loved these activities - and I was so encouraged by how many story details they remembered! As Christian teachers, we want more than just cute bulletin boards and activities - we truly hope that our students come away from these lessons understanding more about the Bible, who God is, and who they are in God's eyes.

If you'd like to use these activities with your preschoolers, you can check out the full resource here --> Preschool Bible Lessons: Jesus Calms the Sea

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Two Truths & a Lie {Bible Edition}

Two questions for you:
1. Do you want your students digging in their Bibles and thinking critically about what they read?
2. Have you ever played the game Two Truths and a Lie? 

If you answered yes to number 1, you're in good company. Building Bible fluency and getting your students to think about Bible passages they read is a main goal of Christian teachers and parents alike. 
If you answered no to number 2, here's how the game works: a person must tell three statements: two must be true and one must be a lie. It's a common ice breaker game and a great way to get to know some people a little bit better. Because it's such a popular game, I thought I'd create a fun version of the game, with a Bible twist. In this version, the students have to read a passage and then read three statements. Two of the statements are true and one is false (the lie). It's a fun way to integrate Bible and critical thinking/close reading skills - sounds like a win-win to me!

There are 36 Bible prompts, available in three formats:
  1. Worksheets
  2. Task Cards
  3. Power Point presentation

These “Bible Two Truths and a Lie” cards can be used in a variety of ways:
  • Task cards: Set up a Bible research center and have a group of your students go through the cards, either individually, in partners, or in small groups
  • Morning work activity: This activity can be done once a week for the entire school year. Give each student the activity sheets and have them read the passage and circle the lie (incorrect statement)..
  • I have also included a Power Point presentation for you to display for your class and have them answer in a notebook, if you’d prefer to do that.
  • Early finishers: Give these pages to the students who finish another activity early
  • Homework: Assign these pages as daily/weekly Bible homework
Notes about this print-and-go Bible game:
  • A full answer key is provided for this Bible Two Truths and a Lie trivia activity.
  • The cards cover Bible verses that span the entire Bible.

Here is a Bible Two Truths and a Lie sample question:
Read Jonah 1:1-3, 15, 17
A. God called Jonah to go to Nineveh to preach.
B. Jonah jumped off the boat and swam to land.
C. God sent a great fish to swallow Jonah for three days and three nights.
Statement B is the lie because Jonah told the sailors to throw him off the boat, which they did, and then he was swallowed by a great fish.
These activities would be perfect for the Christian school classroom, homeschool classroom, and/or Sunday school classroom. I've designed it for 4th, 5th, and 6th gradersalthough younger students could do this with teacher/parent assistance.

Visit my TPT store to check it out further --> Bible Two Truths and a Lie

This Bible teaching resource was created to save you time and simplify your lesson planning, all the while challenging and engaging your students. Add this to your teaching arsenal for use, year after year!

Celebrating Earth Day from a Christian Perspective

Earth Day is Monday, April 22 - let's use this day to discuss the beautiful creation that God has given us to use and enjoy.

With my 5th grade students (and now with my own kiddos) I loved to celebrate Earth Day - it's the perfect opportunity to discuss the beauty and intentional design of God's creation.

Our Earth Day study looked at the seven days of creation, (as covered in Genesis 1-2:2), our call to worship God the creator (not the creation), and the idea of proper stewardship over the Earth. 

Here are some of the activities my students completed:
Nature Hunt activity: Get your students outside (magnifying glasses are a plus!) and have them hunt for things God created! Let them spend some time studying these plants, flowers, bugs, sticks, etc. and marvel at how incredibly creative God is!
God’s Glory on Display magazine collage: Students love to make collages! Give your students access to a bunch of magazines and let them go to town hunting and cutting out pictures of things that God made. Let them glue the pictures on to their collage page, "God's Glory on Display"
Days of Creation: I divided my students into groups and had them read Genesis 1-2:2 and record the different things that God created on each specific day of creation. They recorded their answers in this graphic organizer:
Related image
Stewardship activity: Stewardship, or the idea of taking care of something you don’t own, is an important biblical concept. God has blessed us abundantly. As Christians we know that everything belongs to God and He has given us the privilege of taking care of it, for His glory. The students thought of how they could honor God with their stewardship of their time, their money, they possessions, and the Earth.
What Do We Worship? Prayer activity: Appreciating nature is not a Christian idea. The world is full of people who worship the creation, but we know that we need to worship the Creator above the creation. The students wrote prayers, thanking God for giving us creation to use and enjoy. This activity helps keep our worship in proper perspective.
God Created the World Globe Craft: Then we made a three-sided craft:
1. God created the world in 7 sequential days
2. Psalm 24:1was our theme verse for the week --> The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it. 
3. "Some of my favorite things God created" drawing prompt
Digging in the Bible: Lastly, we got digging in our Bible and looked up different verses that talked about the Earth. The students worked in pairs: they read the passages and then identified the main idea of each verse.

These activities would work with your students too! I designed them for use with 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders (though younger students could do with more teacher/parent assistance). This was a fun and easy mini-unit that really gave my students (and myself!) a renewed appreciation for the beautiful world around us and the stunning creativity of our God. 

You could spread these activities out over a week or do a focused Earth day unit and get all of these done on one day. These print-and-go pages are meant to make your life easier and simplify your lesson planning. Grab them here -->

Happy Earth Day!

Weekly Bible Journal Prompts

As a Christian teacher, I was always looking for meaningful ways to integrate Bible into different areas of the curriculum. Every Monday I had my students complete a journal entry based on a different prompt I'd come up with (where was your favorite vacation? what animal makes the best pet and why? etc.) and while it was fun to read these, they didn't really dig deep. I wanted something that would give my students the opportunity to develop good writing habits and also challenge them to think critically from a biblical perspective - thus, Bible Journal Prompts was born!

This resource includes 36 prompts (I used one for every week in the school year) that can be done in any order.

Each prompt gives the student a Bible verse (or passage) to look up and then asks them to reflect on what they've read with a specific prompt. There are two templates included for you to choose from:
1. Bible Journal Prompts with space for a picture
2. Bible Journal Prompts with extra lines (no picture)

I have also created a Power Point presentation with all of the prompts if you'd like to display the prompt on a projector and have the students answer it in their spirals/journals:

Here are some examples of the prompts included:

I've also included a teacher checklist for you to use to keep track of the prompts you've assigned to your students. Lastly, I've also provided blank templates (printable and on the PPT file) for you to type your own prompts if you'd like:

Here's what teachers are saying about this resource:

"My youth group enjoys how this bundle lets them write. They enjoy writing, and it is so great that this encourages them to write about what our God has provided for us. This is a must have bundle." -Kaila W.

"This is an awesome product. My 3rd-5th graders are creating Bible interactive journals with this product. They love it!!!" -April L.

"I am a Christian school teacher, and I love products that already have built-in biblical integration. I am so excited to use this with my students this year! This will be fantastic for daily journal writing." -Cynthia S.

Simplify your lesson planning with this print-and-go resource that will get your students digging in their Bibles, reflecting on what they read, and developing their writing skills - sounds like a win-win-win to me! :)
Click here to download this resource --> Bible Journal Prompts

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