We're LUCKY to Have Books - Project for ANY Book

Looking for something FUN to do for St. Patrick's Day without compromising important learning time? Engage your students with this cute project that puts their understanding of story elements to the test and reminds them that we're LUCKY to have books at the same time!

We're LUCKY to have BOOKS is a fun and festive print-and-go project booklet can be used around St. Patrick's Day/during the month of March to motivate students to read and deepen their comprehension and re-telling skills after they read any book.

This fun and engaging resource includes everything you need to assign, complete, and assess a project that can be used with ANY BOOK! (picture book or chapter book)

The project asks your students to create a shamrock-shaped booklet that assesses their reading comprehension and understanding of basic story elements. Perfect for St. Patrick's Day!

The pages include:
1. Cover
2. Setting
3. Main Characters
4. Retelling: Beginning
5. Retelling: Middle
6. Retelling: End
7. My Favorite Part
8. Problem/Solution
9. Theme
10. Something New I Learned
11. My Rating of the Book (1-5 stars) and Why

The packet also includes full student directions and a rubric for the teacher to use when grading the project.

Note: There are two versions of the shamrock booklet – small (2 to a page) and large (1 to a page)

This would make an excellent bulletin board display! Also, it can be a wonderful way for the students to get book recommendations from their classmates.

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