FREE Valentine's Day Grams

These “Valentine's Day Grams” are a fun way to spread kindness this Valentine's Day! These note cards will brighten anyone’s day – and with so many templates to choose from, you will be able to spread cheer everywhere!

Here's how it works: In my classroom I had the students draw the name of a classmate and fill out a Valentine's Day Gram to give them on Valentine's Day. It was a special way to make each student feel appreciated and valued. I also had them fill one out to bring home – for either a parent or a sibling. With all the excitement of receiving candy on Valentine's Day, it helped spur a discussion of how the people in our lives are important - they truly are a "sweet treat!"

Template options include:

*Print on colorful paper for a festive look
*Add a piece of candy with the note for an extra sweet treat

Click here to download your FREE resource --> FREE Valentine's Day Kindness Grams

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