WHO Do You Want to be in 2018?

So many times my students are asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" And more than any other class, these students just don't know. I find that the question really stresses them out. So, I decided to take a different approach. I created an activity that focused in on WHO the students want to be, not only what.

Engage your students with this fun print-and-go craft and bulletin board display that asks the students to brainstorm WHO they want to be in the upcoming year. Encourage a growth-mindset as they think about positive character traits they hope to exhibit in 2018.

1. Give each student a body template (I’ve included multiple templates for you to choose from)
2. Show the students the list of positive character traits (or brainstorm a list as a class)
3. Have each student fill out their “body” with different positive character traits that they want to exhibit in the coming year
4. Instruct each student to draw/color the face and cut out the entire body to turn in.
5. Display the students on a bulletin board with the title “WHO do you want to be in 2018?” 

Resource includes:
*Teacher instructions

 *Multiple body templates to choose from (2 to a page for paper-saving printing)
 *Extras: Bulletin Board/Display Title and a Suggested list of positive character traits

Grab this print-and-go resource and simplify your lesson planning today --> New Years WHO Do You Want to Be?

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