Class Conversations: Idea for Building Classroom Community

Do your students like to talk? 
Mine do!
I wanted to give them time to talk and share with their classmates – but rather than a chaotic free-for-all, I wanted to create an activity that would provide them with an opportunity to talk and teach them a valuable life skill at the same time. 
Thus Class Conversation Cards were born! 

Build classroom community while allowing your students to develop their speaking and listening skills: Sounds like a win-win to me!

Here’s how it works: 
*Before we start this weekly routine I did a mini-lesson with my class about what Class Conversations look like and sound like as well as some suggested sentence starters for them to use when responding to each other’s comments.
*Divide your class into groups of 4-5 students. (you can change the groups each time or keep them the same all year)
*Assign one student in each group to be the Discussion Leader and one to be the Scribe (optional). 
*Give them each a card (or read a card out loud for the whole class to use) 
*Set the timer. I usually let the kids talk for 5-7 minutes, depending on the conversation topic and the schedule for the day.  
*While the group is talking, have them display the “Actively Conversing” card
*When they are finished talking, have them switch to the “Finished Conversing” card
*At the end of the time, the Scribe can share the highlights from each group’s conversation with the whole class (optional)

I have included the posters I use in my classrooms plus blank ones for you to customize and/or use as a place for the students to take notes. I have also included the name tag tents for the Discussion Leader and Scribe, as well as the sign tents for “Actively Conversing” and “Finished Conversing” (available in color and B&W)
I have included 36 Class Conversation Cards – one for every week in the school year. They can be used in any order. I have created a checklist for you to use to keep track of the prompts you’ve used throughout the year. These can also be used as journal writing prompts.

Visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store to purchase this print-and-go resource with conversation cards for the whole year!

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