Class Compliments: FREE Whole Class Classroom Management System

Classroom management is a hot topic for teachers - it's vital for keeping a classroom running smoothly, but can be tough for new and veteran teachers alike. Today I want to share with you some details about my whole-class management plan.

My students worked as a class to earn Class Compliments.
To earn Class Compliments students have work together as a class to earn "compliments" from me (the teacher), from specialists (gym, art, music, etc.), or from other adults in the building. 
They earn them for: 
  • going ABOVE AND BEYOND in their participation, their diligence, their kindness to one another, their self-control (that's a big one!)
  • walking absolutely silently in the hallway (especially if we have a traffic jam at lunch causing the kids to have to wait for a long time)
  • showing role-model-worthy behavior to younger students
The kids LOVE earning compliments...and they hate losing them. 
If the entire class is not demonstrating exemplary behavior (i.e. excessive chatting, noisiness in the hallway, horsing around in the classroom, etc.) then a compliment "falls" from the board.
Once they earn 10 compliments, they've earned a PARTY!
Some party ideas: reading in-tents (read more about that here), popcorn, extra reading time with their Reading Buddies, extra recess, free time with board games, etc.
You can download the elements of this system for FREE here --> Class Compliments FREEBIE
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