Introduce Your Selfie! A Get-to-Know-You Booklet for BTS

Take time the first day of school for your students to introduce themselves with this fun and engaging resource: >>Introduce Your Selfie!<< 
This print-and-go resource includes 8 selfie pages for the students to complete about themselves. 
The pages are easy for students to complete on their own – they need to answer the prompts and draw a picture (if applicable). 
When they are complete you can have your students present their booklets as a way to get to know their new classmates. You can even complete one about yourself! The completed booklets make an excellent bulletin board or hallway display.

The resource includes three different formats for you to choose from, depending on the grade level you're working with, and the amount of space you have to display this project. The options are small (4 per page), medium (2 per page), or large (1 per page)
The eight selfie pages include:
1. Introduce Your Selfie (cover page)
2. #My Family
3. #Favorites
4. #Goals
5. #When I Grow Up
6. #My Hobbies
7. #Ways I Can Be a Friend
8. #Something I Want My Teacher to Know About Me

Selfies are all the rage right now - your upper elementary students will love this activity. Plus it will provide you with something meaningful for the students to do while you're taking care of the general business of the first day(s) of school. Sounds like a win-win to me! :)

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Simplify your lesson planning today - you'll thank yourself later! 

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