FREE & EDITABLE Book Recommendation Classroom Display

I spend a lot of time at the beginning of the year promoting different books in hopes of peaking my students' interest in reading and trying new books. 

One way I do this is a book recommendation classroom display. I select some of my favorite books (both chapter books and picture books) and display them in the classroom library with these cute little speech bubbles:
Every day I would recommend one or two of the books - I would introduce the book with a brief synopsis, give some background information on the author (other books they might like), and sometimes I read a small snippet to whet their appetite.

These speech bubbles are in black and white for ink-friendly printing - I copied them on bright colorful paper to make them pop! 
Students usually clamor to read the books I've recommended - I usually have to start a list of those who want to borrow each book.

My favorite thing happens when students start bringing me books saying "I think others would love to read this one! Can I put a book recommendation bubble in it?" to which I answer "of course!"
This FREE download includes two resources - one PDF with the pre-written speech bubbles and one Power Point presentation with the editable speech bubbles (full directions included).
Click here to download these FREE book recommendation speech bubbles:
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  1. These are great! Can't wait to use them!

  2. Hi, I love the look of these! Could I please be sent a copy:

    Thank you!

  3. This is so cool! I can't wait to use them. Thanks!

  4. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing your template, Jessica. I plan on printing some next week to use at my academic library. I think they're eye-catching and should help our Popular Reading books circulate.

  5. Thank you! Can't wait to see my students reaction when they see them.


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