Adventures in Tot School: Mess-Free Painting

Our Tot School adventures continued this week - My little Michelangelo wanted to paint! 

But painting + toddlers = big mess, right? 
Well, not necessarily! 
This week we honed our artistic skills with mess-free painting!

Adventures in Tot School #2:
Mess-Free Painting
Here's what you need:
*Construction paper (dark colors work best)
*sponge paint brush - you can get a big pack of these for only a few dollars at Michaels or Amazon (
*cup of water

Let your toddler dip their paint brush in the water and "paint" on the construction paper! The water will cause dark streaks to appear, as if putting colorful paint on the paper. And voila! Mess-free painting!
This happy boy painted for almost half an hour (which in toddler time is an eternity, am I right?)
Our second week of Tot School was a success! It was fun, engaging, and provided this brand new 2-year-old with some fun fine motor and painting practice, all with no mess!

Stay tuned for more of our Adventures in Tot School!

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