Adventures in Tot School: Fine-Motor Skills with Foam Blocks

Now that my little munchkin is 2, we've decided to start some fun and engaging Tot School activities! 

What is Tot School

Think of it as pre-preschool. It's a focus on FUN while introducing early learning skills. It's play-based and works on developing fine motor skills through sensory activities, exploration bins, and builds on a kid's natural curiosity. 

We're just getting started, but Hudson is loving it!
Thanks for joining me on this Adventure in Tot School - I'll be posting regularly about our activities. I hope you find the ideas helpful.

Adventures in Tot School #1:
Fine-Motor Skills with Foam Blocks
My supplies:
  • Toddler tweezers
  • multi-colored foam blocks

I got both of these items at the Dollar Tree in the education aisle. Even though I'm out of the classroom I have to stop by the teacher section and hunt for treasures every time I go! Any other Dollar Tree fanatics out there?

Hudson loved playing with these little foam blocks! 
We practiced moving them from a container to a small muffin tin (also from the dollar store)
The tweezers took some practice, but he had fun trying to manipulate them.
Then we practiced identifying and sorting by color:
Then I let him just play with the blocks. Hudson had a blast moving the blocks from one container to the other:
We then dumped them out all over the floor and picked them up, again and again!

Our first day of Tot School was a success! It was fun, engaging, and provided this brand new 2-year-old with some valuable practice identifying colors and developing his fine motor skills.

Stay tuned for more of our Adventures in Tot School!

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