Our Fairy Tale Nursery

Exciting news: Two weeks ago we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our family! World, please welcome our sweet Felicity:

She is quickly proving to be the world's easiest, sweetest baby - and we are so in love! Big Brother is adjusting well - although he's proving to be an over-achiever and seems to be hitting the lovely "terrible twos" a few months early ;)

I wanted to pop in quickly and share some photos of Felicity's nursery - we chose a once-upon-a-time/fairy tale theme!

Most of the decor was either crafted by me (and my handy-dandy Cricut!) or pieced together from several treasure-hunting trips to different stores. If you have a specific question about where I found something, please let me know :)



Ta-da! While Felicity doesn't exactly appreciate all of my hard work and effort, it was so much fun decorating her fairy tale land - and it brings a smile to my face every time I walk in. It definitely makes the 2am wake-up calls *slightly* more pleasant :)

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