DIY Felt Christmas Tree

Happy December, friends!
The Christmas season is upon us - filled with the chaotic wonderfulness of baking, get-togethers, and decorations! Do you have your tree set up yet? We do - and my little man is OBSESSED with it! He even says "twee" :) 
I've been impressed with how gentle he's been with the tree - we had the baby gate, ready to protect the tree, but we haven't needed to pull it out.
I did fill the bottom of the tree with fabric (read: unbreakable) ornaments, just in case.
I wanted my son to have a special tree of his own - one that he could touch and play with, without constant supervision.
Enter: the felt Christmas tree idea!
You've probably seen it on Etsy or in stores - but they can be pretty pricey, ranging from $20-$50. Being on a budget (at Christmastime who isn't?) I knew there had to be a cheaper way - so I decided to make one myself!
I gathered my supplies from the craft store:
Because I already have the cookie cutters, scissors, and sharpie, I only had to buy the felt - which cost me exactly $4.33! Definitely better than the $30 price tag I saw on Etsy.

Once my supplies were bought I got to work!
1. Use the cookie cutters to trace various Christmas shapes on the different pieces of felt. I made 20 shapes.

2. Cut out the felt shapes - these are your "ornaments"
3. Cut a tree out of your large piece of green felt. I attached it to the wall with command strips - that way I know it'll stay up all season and will come down without a mess.
4. The felt sticks to felt, so the ornaments stick to the tree without any tape or velcro. You can rearrange the ornaments again and again!
That's it!Easy-peasy, right?So far it's been a big hit!

We even had a playdate and it survived being decorated by three toddlers at once:
I have a feeling that this will be a Christmas tradition we play with year after year! And for less then $5 it can't be beat :)

What are some of your favorite Christmas crafty creations?
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