Preschool Bible Lessons: We Are Thankful {FREE craft template}

Happy {almost!} Thanksgiving, friends!

What a wonderful season we are in - I love days filled with cozy sweaters, hot chocolate, holiday baking, and get-togethers with friends and family.

Today I celebrated Thanksgiving with my preschool friends at church. What a hoot they are! I am so thankful for the time I get to spend creating for and investing in the lives of little ones. I am weekly encouraged by their cheerful and thankful attitudes, their hearts for the Lord, and their willingness to try new things. They are role models to all of us grown-ups :)

We started off the morning with circle time. I asked them to raise their hand if the following sentences applied to them:

•Who slept in a warm bed last night?
•Who ate breakfast this morning?
•Who has parents that love them?
•Who has toys to play with?
•Who is wearing nice clothes today?

Most of them raised their hands for ever single one. This launched a discussion of how much we have to be thankful for, how richly God has blessed us.

Then we read our Bible story for the week - Jesus Heals the Ten Lepers. It's a great, quick story about Jesus healing 10 men who are suffering with leprosy. They are all miraculously healed, but only one man comes back to thank Jesus. It's a poignant message about how we need to be thankful for the many things God gives us/does for us each day. We filled out a fun activity sheet to go with the story - it gave us good practice writing our letters and numbers!
 We then played "Thankful Hot Potato"
We passed around a toy as music played. When the music stopped, whoever was holding the toy had to say something that they were thankful for. It was sweet hearing some of the responses:
"My mom and dad because they love me"
"My Grandma even though she lives far away and smells a little funny."
"My sister because she plays with me, even when I can tell she doesn't want to."
"My hamster because he comforts me when I'm lonely."
"My dad because he lets me eat a second bowl of Froot Loops on Saturday mornings."

After that, it was craft time! I gave each student a "Happy Thanksgiving Poem" sheet and had them sign their name. Then we painted our hands either red, yellow, or orange and stamped it on the page. As the paint dried we colored and cut out our turkey body parts. Once the paint was dry, we glued our turkeys together - and voila! A handprint turkey card that will surely brighten Thanksgiving Day!
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Finally we decorated a class Thankfulness Tree! I gave each student a leaf and had them 
write or draw something they were thankful for. The kiddos cut out their leaves and taped them on the tree - they were so proud!

It was a wonderful morning and the joy in these kiddos definitely made me thankful!

What are you thankful for today?

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