Kindness Rocks: An Easy Tutorial

My MOPS group did a fun craft project this week and I wanted to share it with you all - it's a wonderful (and oh-so-easy!) idea that you can use with your students or your personal kiddos.
Kindness Rocks have become a growing trend across the country (and even the world!). They are a great and easy way to brighten up someone’s day in an unexpected way! The idea behind kindness rocks is simple: decorate a rock with an inspirational message and then leave it in a public place for others to find!

You never know when your rock will be just what someone needs to see that day. It will no doubt put a smile on their face. Some of you moms may have already seen Kindness Rocks while you are out at your local parks or favorite public places. It's a great way to spread kindness around our communities! Plus it proves an awesome discussion starter with our class or our personal kiddos.

Here are the supplies you will need:
  • Rocks (River rocks work best!) You can buy a 5 lb. bag on Amazon for only $10 
  • Craft or Spray paint in whatever color you want your background to be
  • Paint Pen (optional, but I highly recommend - it works best for writing on smaller rocks)
  • Acrylic Craft paint and paint brush for painting your message and designs
  • Optional: Modge Podge or any clear sealer to give your kindness rocks maximum weather protection! 
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Once you've gathered all of your materials, the process is very easy!
1. Spray paint your rock
2. Use the acrylic paint or a paint pen to write an inspiration message. Need ideas? Check out this list of 200 Positive Sayings
3. Add some doodles and designs
4. Go on a walk and place the rocks (in a public place) for others to find them!

A big thanks to our Crafts Coordinator, Stephanie, for planning this fun project!

I took my toddler on a walk and we placed these at a park near our house:

Now, when we're out and about, I'll be on the lookout for these fun and inspirational rocks!

This would be a really fun and easy project to do with your students - you could set them out around the school grounds or send the kids home with rocks to disperse in their neighborhoods. We can spread kindness, one rock at a time! :)

Here is some more rock inspiration - samples from my friends!

Additional Resources for Inspiration:

Happy painting!
If you choose to do this project with your class or at home, I'd love to hear about it! Send me pictures of your rocks and I'll feature them on my blog :)

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