WHO Do You Want to Be in 2016?

Happy New Year, friends!
Here is one of my all-time favorite activities that I used each January in the classroom.

Here's my post from last year:
Phew! We did it - we survived the first week back!
This was probably my smoothest week-after-Christmas-vacation ever. My kiddos were quiet (probably tired from staying up past their "school-approved bed time over break) and worked diligently as we transitioned back into the school zone.

My favorite activity we did this week was:
WHO Do You Want to Be in 2015?
So many times my students are asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" And more than any other class, these students just don't know. I find that the question really stresses them out. So, I decided to take a different approach. A new year is a great opportunity to talk about fresh starts and intentional living. I tell the students that they have the power to choose differently today than they did yesterday. They are not too young to start thinking about the impression they want to leave on others.

My favorite activity of the week focused in on WHO the students want to be, not only 
I showed them my example:
And then I gave them time to brainstorm adjectives that they would want to describe them:
They did a phenomenal job - and it was so motivating as they considered how they want to be known by others and how they can serve God with their attitudes.

 I got the boy and girl templates from Google - print them out and copy for each student in your class:
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