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Though I loved being in a self-contained classroom and teaching each subject, my favorite to teach in my 5th grade classroom was Social Studies.
I love making the past come alive for my kiddos - and it was so encouraging to see them mature as they developed empathy for those who lived before them. It expands their horizons and gives them a broader perspective on life - and what 10 year old doesn't need that? :)

In 5th grade, our history curriculum covers 1900-the present, chronologically. I decided to utilize the sequence of our chapters to create a "passport" for my students to keep track of their "travels through history."
At the end of each unit that we studied in Social Studies, I gave my students a Passport Page to complete. It acted as a study guide before the unit test and then was compiled into their Passport Folders that we added to all year long.

The packet comes with complete teacher directions and suggestions
My students filled out a page for: World War 1, The Roaring 20s, The Great Depression, World War 2, the 1950s, the Civil Rights Movement, the Korean War, the 1980s, and the War of Terror. 

Depending on your curriculum or scope of study, you can customize the page to meet your classroom needs:

Then, at the end of the year, have the students look back through their "Passports" and reflect on the different "stops" that they made:

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  1. I love teaching reading!


  2. What an awesome way to teach a social studies lesson Jessica! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love teaching social studies and reading.

  4. I love teaching Social Studies.. I love the passport... we use one for our immigration study! Very engaging!!


  5. My favorite subject to teach is MATH! I love explaining looking for patterns. Math isn't about numbers only....LOVE!

  6. My favorite subject to teach is math! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  7. I just love the idea.
    I teach English in Junior High in France, and I'm sure I can use it with my History colleague!
    Thx a lot for sharing!

  8. I like to teach math!!! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. I teach at a Catholic school, and religion is one of my favorites. I also LOVE to teach art. I wish that was more than once a week.


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