$1 Deal: Story Starters Creative Writing Prompts

Hello friends!
Jessica here from "Joy in the Journey"
Today I've got a Dollar Steal to share with you!
For the next two days, my "Story Starters" packet will be on sale for only $1!
Are you tired of hearing "But I don't know what to write about!" or "I don't know where to startttttt" from your students? Well, look no further, because this print-and-go packet will get your kids EXCITED about writing as their creative juices start flowing!

The packet comes with 24 story starter cards:
I printed them out in B&W on colorful paper:
and let each student draw one out of an envelope
(they love the element of surprise)

Then they each grabbed a brain-storming sheet and planned out their story:
After their stories were written, I took volunteers to come and share what they wrote. Nearly every hand shot up in the air! They begged me to let them draw cards again and write another story - Win! :)

From now until Monday night, you can snag this packet for only $1! 
Your students will thank you for it!
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