What's Cookin' Wednesdays: Summer Smoothie

Happy Wednesday, blogging world! 
It's time for another exciting edition of...

Today's recipe is kind of cheating, because it doesn't actually require any cooking :)

Confession time:
My name is Jessica and I am a fruit addict.
I love all fruit.
I wish I could say I loved veggies the way I love to savor the delicious sweetness of fruit - but vegetables just don't dance on the palate like a big juicy peach does.

That being said, I usually eat 4-5 servings of fruit a day. 

One way I enjoy my fruit is in smoothie form.
Here's a delectable smoothie recipe I've been
enjoying in the mornings:
 It's simple - first, chop up your fruit. 
You can add it any fruit that you'd like.
I usually just use what's in my fridge:
I always add some yogurt to my smoothies. This time I used peach, but you can vary that as well.
Combine all of your ingredients into the blender.
Blend on high until desired consistency.
Tip: Don't turn on the blender with a sleeping baby in the next room. Screaming ensues. Learned that one the hard way :)

Enjoy this satisfying summer smoothie - you won't be sorry!
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