New Fantasy Novel - The Keeper {FREE on Kindle}

Don't you just love a great story?
A story that grabs you from the get-go
and keeps you turning pages?
I sure do.
I'm a sucker for a story that entices me to sacrifice sleep because I'm so invested in the characters.

You're in luck, dear readers, because I've got a great novel to recommend to you:
The Keeper 
by Erin Phillips

Here's a brief teaser to whet your appetite:
The immortal Keepers have guided the destiny of Eviryia since the beginning. Through a careful selection process, and guided by the divine Architect, the Keeper of Ailenor must choose the True King by a single kiss, thereby bringing peace and protection to the kingdom during his lifetime. After years of fruitless search for a suitable candidate, Keeper Kayleigh closed Ailenor’s doors, giving up hope. But now, thirty-four years later, civil war is threatening to rip the kingdom apart. When young Galen survives a brutal attack on his village, and escapes to Ailenor, Kayleigh realizes something must be done. She and Galen set out on a quest to save Eviryia before it is torn apart by war. Can a solution be found to prevent war from destroying the kingdom? Will Kayleigh fulfill her destiny and find the True King? Or will she fail, plunging Eviryia into an era of darkness?
Sounds good, doesn't it?!? 

I highly recommend all middle school teachers stock this one in their classroom library - it's sure to be a big hit!

You can purchase a paperback copy for $9.99
OR...this weekend ONLY (Aug. 7-10), you can snag a 
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