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Happy Monday, friends!
I am off for a fun bonding adventure with my fellow new mom/blogger/TpT creator, Jennifer from Rowdy in First Grade
I can't wait to meet her in person as we push strollers around a park, chatting about babies, teaching, and life in Washington!

Before I leave I wanted to pop in and share 5 new Bible products I've been busy creating recently. 
These labors of love come from a desire to supplement your Bible class with quality resources. Teaching in a Christian school, 
I found that there were very few good Bible products out there for upper elementary. This is a gap I hope to fill with my product creations.

This 50-page print-and-go packet is the right thing for you and your students!
Packet includes:

*Ten Mini Biographies with Graphic Organizers

1. Adam
2. Noah
3. Abraham
4. Moses
5. Gideon
6. Ruth
7. David
8. Elijah
9. Esther
10. Job 
*Suggested Answer Keys included for all graphic organizers
*Bible Character Interactive Notebook Foldables (Color and B&W)
*Suggested Answer Keys included for all foldables
*Character Concentration Center Game: match the Bible hero with the characteristic/description that matches their story (Color and B&W)
*Answer Key included

The biography pages include an original summary (written by me) with a graphic organizer.

A suggested answer key is also included.

If you download the preview of this product, you'll receive the Noah biography for free - as an idea of what you'll be purchasing
After reading the mini-biographies, your students can record important details under the flaps of the Character Interactive Notebook foldables:
The last activity included is a Character Concentration game for partners or small groups. This game (played like memory) has students match the Bible hero with a description.
You can purchase this 50-page packet (activities offered in both color and B&W) for only $7!
Click the picture below to be taken to the product listing:
This easy-to-implement 70+ page packet includes 10 activities for you to use in your classroom, home, and/or church setting.

Packet includes:
*K-W-L Charts: Old and New Testaments
*Writing the books of the Old & New Testaments
(answer keys included)
*Interactive Notebook Foldables 
(samples, student directions, and answer keys included)
*Major Themes in Each Book of the Bible (directions included)
*Books of the Bible Summary Snapshots Activity 
(directions, samples, cover pages, and 2 template options included)
*4 Center Activities/Bible Games – includes teacher and student directions, sorting mats, answer keys, and Bible Book Cards: Color
*4 Center Activities/Bible Games – includes teacher and student directions, sorting mats, answer keys, and Bible Book Cards: B&W

Here are some pictures of the packet in action:
 Make your lesson planning a breeze as you use this print-and-go unit on the Books of the Bible
 You can purchase this MEGA Packet for $7 today

This packet includes:
What is a Parable? Poster(Color and B&W)
What is a Parable? Student Note sheet (2 per page)
“Putting it Together” Teacher Directions & Samples
Planting Parables Booklet Cover Page
1. The Parable of the Lilies of the Field & Birds of the Air
2. The Parable of the Weeds
3. The Parables of the Unmerciful Servant
4. The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard
5. The Parable of the Wish and Foolish Builders
6. The Parable of the Sower and the Seeds
7. The Parable of the Good Samaritan
8. The Parable of the Faithful & Unfaithful Servants
9. The Parables of the Lost Sheep
10. The Parable of the Prodigal Son
Suggested Answer Keys are included for all parables

You can assemble this Interactive Notebook Foldables in a journal, a file folder, or on construction paper. 
"Plant" these parables into the hearts of your students!
You can purchase this packet for $4 HERE

 The packet includes 24 Proverbs Posters to be used in your home or classroom. These posters can serve as discussion starters, daily devotionals, or teaching tools to build character in your students. Also included are teacher directions and a reflection sheet to be filled in by the students.

The posters come in both COLOR and BLACK & WHITE for cost-efficient printing.

These posters are on sale for only $3
Snag them HERE.

This FUN & ENGAGING packet includes summarized reading passages (adapted from the book of Exodus), graphic organizers, and interactive notebook foldables.
Packet Includes:
K-W-L Chart: Moses
The Story of Moses (summarized)
Charting the Details graphic organizer
Sequencing Events activity
Sequencing Events (answer key)
Main Idea & Supporting Details graphic organizer
Bible Character: Moses Interactive Notebook foldable
Moses and the Burning Bush (summarized)
Moses and the Burning Bush Interactive Notebook foldables
Moses and the Burning Bush Foldables (answer key)
The Ten Plagues (summarized)
The Ten Plagues Interactive Notebook foldable
The Ten Plagues Interactive Notebook foldable (answer key)
Digging Deep: the Ten Commandments
Digging Deep: the Ten Commandments (answer key)
The Ten Commandments Interactive Notebook foldable
The Ten Commandments Interactive Notebook foldable (answer key)

PHEW!!! Thanks for staying with me to the end - this post represents hours and hours of research and hard work. Now, if you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that I love to give away a free product to one of my loyal readers :)

Leave a comment with your e-mail address and the product you'd choose if you could win any of the 5 above products. I'll choose a winner on Wednesday (8-12). 
Congratulations Deirdre!
The Bible Bios Packet is coming your way!

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