Fuel Your Faith: Wisdom in the Secret

I have had the privilege of bonding with a group of ladies from my church this summer as we meet weekly to chat, pray, 
and do a Bible study.
We've been going through the book 
Sacred Secrets by Beth Moore.
Honestly I've been surprised by this study.
Surprised by the direction it's taken.
Surprised by how much I'm enjoying it.
Surprised by the truth I'm digging out of it.

Over the next couple of weeks I thought I'd share some of the nuggets of wisdom I've been mining this summer.

I'll be honest, I thought this study was going to be about digging deep into our pasts and being forced to share every secret sin we've committed. While there has been room for soul-searching and private confession with the Lord, the study has been more focused on the secret place where God longs to meet with us. The secret spot where the Lord will teach us wisdom, if we meet Him there.

Psalm 51:6 says,
"Behold, you delight in truth in the inward being and you teach me wisdom in the secret heart"

Sometimes the last two words "secret heart" are translated the "inmost place," but according to the original Hebrew, there is no word after "secret." The translators added one in to give context, but in actuality the verse reads
"...you teach me wisdom in the secret."

Do you have a secret place where you meet with God to learn wisdom and to enjoy a relationship with Him? 
I encourage you to do so - starting today.

The word secret can mean a covering, a hiding place, a shelter

God longs to be that for you - the One who will expose our secret crevices and then cover them with His love and His protection. 
His Word is the shelter amidst the chaotic storms of life - will you seek refuge in Him?

Here are some words from the author, Beth Moore, 
as she encourages her readers to find a secret place to be with their Creator:
"Let's find a place where we can be all alone and free to voice our confessions of sin to our gracious and merciful Father. Remember, He already knows and He's never let us go...Our genuine confessions and true repentance are means of bringing our sins right to the altar of sacrifice where provision has been made for us. Here we cry out and acknowledge that we want every barrier to divine fellowship and joy removed." 
(Sacred Secrets, pg. 37)

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