Fuel Your Faith: Intimacy Takes Time

Social media can be a wonderful thing.
It keeps friends and family connected
across thousands of miles.
It allows us to share pictures and meaningful moments.
It alerts consumers to daily deals and new products.
It keeps us updated on the latest happenings around the world.

But it also encourages oversharing.
Yesterday I ate peanut butter toast for breakfast.
I brushed my teeth three times.
Hudson and I enjoyed a lovely walk that lasted 27 minutes.
Interesting facts?
Not exactly.
Common updates on social media?

We live in a world of instant information.
A world where we can share whatever we want
from behind a computer screen.
Sometimes we share too much.
More than just what we ate for lunch - too often we give anyone and everyone access into our hearts with a few clicks of the computer keys.

This message is written to you, my friends, as teachers of students who are getting sucked in to relationships and sharing everything on the first date. They lay it all on the line without giving the relationship time to grow and mature over time.

If I could speak to my fifth graders right now, I would encourage them to take a step back and consider keeping some things private. Because the truth is, we're not called to share everything with everyone. We need to remember the 
biblical value of intimacy.

Intimacy is defined as "a close familiarity or friendship" Too often young people today jump past the acquaintance stage and the secrets of their hearts come tumbling out to virtual strangers. We need to challenge them to protect their hearts.

Whether it's friendship or a romantic relationship, we need to remember that intimacy takes time.

In Beth Moore's study, Sacred Secrets, she encourages:
Authenticity with all
Transparency with most
Intimacy with few
This is a guideline I want to live my life by.

The Bible supports this idea:
When you become a Christian, God doesn't instantly reveal everything to you about Himself and His plan. We learn about who God is and His desires for our lives through His Word, through a daily relationship with Him, and through prayer.

Intimacy with Jesus takes time.

And I believe that's on purpose.
It forces us to take things one day at a time.
It allows us to depend on God for strength day-by-day.
It teaches us to continually look to Him for wisdom.

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