First Day of School: Tried & True Ideas!

Well, there's no getting around it: 
the Back-to-School Season is upon us!
Today I want to 7 quick and easy tips to make your first day of school run smoothly:
1. Community Supply Bins:
When students first come in, they are over-laded with new backpacks stuffed with binders, pencils, and markers. In their arms they are juggling tissue boxes, hand sanitizer bottles, and wet wipes. I find it's best to have clear designated areas where to put each item:
It avoides chaos and keeps the supplies organized:
2. Student Check-Off
When my students entered the classroom, they unpacked their school supplies and got cracking on this "Classroom Check-off" Sheet to get acquainted with their brand new classroom
*This is completely customized to my classroom, so I'm not posting it to TpT. However, if you would like a copy to customize for yourself, send me an e-mail :)
3. Student Info:
Then, once they had looked around and checked off each item, they got busy working on this 
Click HERE to grab your FREE copy!

4. Then we did a POP QUIZ!
On the first day.
Yes, that's right.
The kids were freaking out.
And it was the hardest quiz they've ever taken...
because it was all about me :)
The teacher they've never met!

But they got through it, learned a lot about me in the process, and I used it to model how we label our paper, how to grade a partner's paper, and how to score it.
It was a win-win-win-win :)

5. Then we went over procedures.
And more procedures.
And some more.
I have created this handy-dandy procedure list

to keep myself straight:

The best part? It's FREE!
6. Class Procedures Interactive Notebook Foldables 
Once you've decided on your procedures, you can keep your classroom running smoothly by using these Interactive Notebook Foldables to teach your students the routines and procedures in your classroom: 
This is a FUN & ENGAGING way to go over how things run in your classroom - plus the students can refer back to them if needed.
7. Lastly, every year I read First Day Jitters.
The kids had never heard it before - and they rolled at the ending!
We do several activities to extend the book
You can check out my fun and engaging packet HERE.

Phew! There you go - 7 easy-to-implement ideas
for your first day of school!
Looking for more ideas?
Check out these awesome bloggers: 


  1. I love your classroom procedures list. It helps to have a list to work from in the first couple of days, when everything feels like a whirlwind! I also love that you can ask for prayers requests and praises....wondering if there's a way I could have kids post joys and concerns, or something like that, in my room. Hmmm ...may have to play with that. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. I downloaded and pinned your classroom procedure's checklist! Thank you so much for sharing it!! I love the style of your blog!

    -Jessica (another one!)

    The Whimsical Teacher

  3. Sounds like an amazing first few days! I love the student check-off list. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Awesome blog design!!! I am obsessed with interactive notebooks and love your class procedures book!! Adorable and much needed!
    Tricia from "Tricia's Terrific Teaching Trinkets

  5. Wow! So many great ideas! I love the classroom supply bins - yes, those poor kiddos are fumbling with so many items it's nice to have an easy, accessible drop off point! Your classroom procedures foldables are AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing!

    One Step Closer Teaching

  6. I love your community supply bins! I always forget to do that and end up with a big mess to clean up at lunch time! Also, what a great idea to turn classroom procedures into an interactive notebook! Thanks for linking up!
    Undercover Classroom

  7. So many great ideas! I love your supply bins and classroom check-off list. I also love your classroom/blog theme. Thanks for sharing so many great ideas!

    Education Electrification


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