Summer Share & Prepare: Author Study FREEBIE

I love stories.
I love unraveling mysteries and
learning about other parts of the world.
I love traveling through time and going on daring adventures.

I also love hearing about the authors behind the stories.
I love to learn the background that inspired their grand tales.
And I seek to instill that love in my students.
One of the ways I do that is by assigning them a short research project on an author of their choice:
It's a simple one-page assignment that gets them used to researching a specific topic and reporting their findings.
I assign my students this project at the beginning of the school year. Throughout the year, I display their Author Study pages
(for one week at a time) in the Author's Spotlight section of the classroom library. 
If I have any books by the author that they choose,
I pull them to be featured:
The students love seeing their Author Study page on display - they look forward to "their week" all year long!

*Note: I usually prep two or three during the summer to use the first few weeks of school. It gives the students an idea of what I'm looking for and allows me to highlight some lesser-known authors that I have come to love. Download the packet now and make your examples while you're enjoying some downtime this summer, so you're all set to go in the fall.

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I'm linking up this idea with Marie from "Once Upon a Classroom"
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