Send Your Students HUNTING for GRAMMAR!

Call me a dork, but I LOVE teaching grammar.
I think it's very important that students learn to articulately communicate their thoughts and ideas. I love charting parts of speech, singing songs and chanting chants, identifying the different types of sentences, diagramming sentences, correcting fragments, listing examples, etc. 

My students...not so much.

They have many things hundreds of things they'd rather do than open their English workbook each afternoon. 

So last year I worked diligently to make grammar fun and accessible - to show my kiddos the necessity of mastering the mechanics of the English language and providing them with opportunities to succeed and build confidence.

One thing I've done that has really gotten kids excited about grammar and given them good practice/reinforcement is sending them on scavenger hunts and through books to hunt down the different parts of speech.

I created the first packet (Pronoun Scavenger Hunt) because I was tired of answering "what's a pronoun again?" It was a huge hit, so as we progressed through the year, I made hunts for each part of speech that we studied.
I have 5 Scavenger Hunt activities in my TpT store:
Check out my Noun Scavenger Hunt
Check out my Pronoun Scavenger Hunt
Check out my Verb Scavenger Hunt
Check out my Adverb Scavenger Hunt
Check out my Adjective Scavenger Hunt
EACH packet comes with...
*Grammar Posters - print or display

*Student Interactive Notebook Foldables - Answer key included

*Scavenger Hunt Around the Room - includes instructions, 20-24 word cards, 2 or 3 different Scavenger Hunt Recording Sheets, and full Answer Keys

*Word Scavenger Hunt Through a Book 
- includes instructions and Scavenger Hunt Recording Sheet

*Picture Scavenger Hunt Through a Magazine - 
includes instructions and Scavenger Hunt Recording Sheet

*Writing Prompts - each packet includes 3 unique writing prompts with instructions

So put down those boring old worksheets and send your kiddos HUNTING for GRAMMAR!
These scavenger hunts will revolutionize how you review grammar.
Give your students an authentic, tangible way of differentiating between the parts of speech!

I've worked hard this past week to give these products a MAJOR FACE LIFT! 
If you already own any of them (or the bundle!), you'll definitely want to re-download for fresh graphics, ink-friendly pages, and new original activities included in each packet!
*I'd also love to GIVE A PACKET AWAY to one of my faithful blog readers :)
Here's how to enter:
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Thanks to everyone who entered and pinned the product!
Congratulations to Brooke @ Smarter Balanced Teacher for winning! 
Brooke - the packet is on its way!
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