Gettin' Organized FREEBIES {Or Lists Make Me Happy}

Happy Saturday, folks!
I am coming to you live from my couch, snuggled in pajamas with
a belly full of chocolate-peanut butter milkshake -
AKA the perfect rainy Saturday afternoon :)

Today I want to share with you about one of my favorite things:
I am a scheduler.
a planner.
a compulsive list-maker.
Here are some of my go-tos when trying
to keep my life organized:
For me, an organized life is a peaceful life - and now that we've thrown a baby into the mix, I am all the more grateful for lists to keep me sane :)

Here are some FREEBIES for you as you set out to make your life more organized!

Menu Planning
Menu planning has been a huge time saver for me - and it's helped us save $$$ by sticking to a plan and not throwing out tons of wasted food. Each week, I pull out my cookbooks, 
browse my Pinterest boards, check my coupon apps, and get down to menu planning!

Here's a freebie for you:
Click here to download your FREE weekly menu-planning sheet

Blog Planning
While I love blogging, I will admit that it far-too-often gets pushed to the bottom of my priority list. As I step out of the classroom, I am planning to be much more intentional about blogging and planning my posts. Get it - I'm planning to do more planning :) The irony is not lost on me. 

To do that, I have been plotting out my blog posts and then scheduling them ahead of time. That has allowed me to stay on top of things and get posts published even with a cute but unpredictable 9-week-old.

I found this CAHHHHUUUUTTTEE blog planner from
Free Printable Blog Planner! | Everyday Enchanting
Click HERE for the link to your FREE download

Teacher To-Do Lists
Here's another FREEBIE to help keep you organized! I used this Teacher To-Do List template to keep my teacher-life organized in the classroom. I made a bunch of copies and put them in a cute polka-dot binder (why not!?) to use each week:
(There's also a blank template in there for you to customize.)
If you download the packet, please be kind and leave some love :)

Hope you enjoy these free resources - and that they are put to good use keeping you, the busy mom, organized and feeling 

What's your best trick for staying organized?
Leave your ideas in the comments section below.
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