Fuel Your Faith: Worship Songs to Brighten Your Day

A common catechism reads:
Question: What is the chief end of man?
Answer. Man's chief end is to glorify God, and to
enjoy him forever

Building off of this idea, I seek to instill in my students the idea that we have been created for one purpose: 
to worship our Creator!
Two years ago, I started something in my classroom that proved to be a wonderful addition to our school week: Monday Morning Worship. Each Monday morning, my 5th graders and I would start our school day off with a worship song and a time of concentrated prayer - it invites God into our classroom for the week, it calms the students from the chaos of the weekend, and helps to build a community of Christian friends in our classroom. 
Over and over I repeated my reasoning to the kiddos: we want to dedicate our weeks, our hearts, and our minds to the Lord. We show Him that He is our priority when we worship Him corporately first thing each Monday.

Here are some of our favorite songs we've done recently:

We just listened to this one because it's so creative - and impressive! Sometimes just listening and worshiping is good for the soul :)

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