TpT Seller Challenge Week 1 - Makeover Madness

Happy Saturday, blogging buddies!
I am joining several (ok, almost 1,000!) of my fellow TPT sellers for the TPT Seller Challenge!

Here are my beginning stats - I can't wait to see these numbers rise over the next four weeks
This week we were challenged to make over one of our products.
I chose one of my book studies - a packet to accompany this fabulous book: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
Here was the packet BEFORE:
The packet had a boring cover, no separate table of contents, color clip art (not very convenient for printing and copying), and an illogical sequence of pages. The original was also created in Microsoft Word (perish the thought!)

This project was on my to-do list for quite some time and this TPT Seller Challenge was exactly the extra motivation that I needed to get cracking. I re-did the entire packet in Power Point, giving it a fresh look with new fonts, crisp black and white clip art, and added additional activities to increase the value of the packet.
Here is the finished product:

This is one of my students' favorite units as it combines classic literature with a funny story that stretches the imagination.
Plus, now with the movie out, you can challenge your students with higher level comparing and contrasting activities.

This packet will be on sale for the next week
to celebrate the makeover!
Click here to view the packet in my TPT store:

If you already own the packet, you can go to "My Purchases"
on TPT and download the updated copy for free!

If you're a TPT seller, it's not too late to join the #TPTSellerChallenge! I encourage you to take advantage of these summer month to work on your store and update your products!
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