2 For Tuesday: Fun & Engaging Book Studies

Happy Tuesday!
It's a lazy summer morning in my neck of the woods: I slept in (hence the late posting of the blog post!) and am now hanging out with this sweetie, watching some KDrama.
Any other Korean drama fans out there? :)
How to cure your drama fever in 5 easy steps .. waita minute...

Now it's time for...
Today I have two of my best-selling
book studies on sale for 50% off!
The first packet accompanies this great book:
School Days Around the World Find out what an average day of school is like for children in seven different countries on wegivebooks.org.
The story follows seven kids from different countries around the world and looks at a typical school day. I have created a fun & engaging packet to supplement your study:
School Days Around the World Multicultural Book Study
The packet can be completed in 7 school days (one country per day) or you can spread it out over 7 weeks (doing on activity per day, one country per week)
Complete directions and answer keys are included.
This book is the perfect thing for back-to-school as you bring your students back in the routine of being in the classroom. There is also an emphasis on Earth Day, so you can use it in April as well :)
Normally $5, this packet is $2.50 TODAY ONLY!

The second book study on sale is my second best-selling product:
Looking for a print-and-go packet to help with your novel study or literature circles group? Well this 75-page packet is the perfect thing for your upper elementary students! Normally $7, you can purchase this packet for only $3.50 - TODAY ONLY!

Hop on over to "Chalk One Up for the Teacher" to see other awesome products on sale!
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