Types of Clouds - Engaging Activities to Help Retain Information

In science, we've been working on an in-depth weather unit, focusing on air, the atmosphere, precipitation, severe weather storms, and clouds. It's one of my favorite units - and my students' too!

Today I want to share with you some of the fun and engaging ways we learned about clouds.
Blog post filled with fun and engaging ideas for teaching the types of clouds. Book suggestions, videos, interactive notebook foldables, and hands-on activities - this post has it all! Blog post by Jessica Lawler, "Joy in the Journey"

To learn the types of clouds, we read a couple different books and charts:
We also watched this great video on the different types of clouds:
Then we solidified what we learned by taking notes in our interactive notebooks:

You can find these foldables - and so much more - in my Weather IN Foldables packet
Here's what other teachers are saying about this unit:
We sang a great (albeit cheesy!) Cloud Song to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell" which I found on superteacherworksheets.com (AWESOME website, by the way!)
We then practiced "creating" clouds in two ways:
First, with cotton balls
Storm in the Night  Lots of cool ideas for clouds, water cycle, weather
And then, for the more tactile learners...
Shaving cream! :)

At first, of course, we had 30 seconds to play in it:

Then we got down to business shaping the different cloud types: 
While I hope the students retain the different types of cloud shapes, I KNOW that they all went home, clamoring about how they got to play with shaving cream in class! Happy students = happy teacher :)
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