Spark Student Motivation: Genius at Work

Happy Saturday!
Phew - this last week wore me out. I am so thankful for a quiet and relaxing Saturday to lay low, watch Parenthood in my pajamas, and do some baby shopping :)

While I was out running a couple of errands, I stopped at the Dollar Tree (aka Teacher Paradise). No matter what I'm there for, I always have to stroll through the Teacher Aisle. 
Anyone else with me?

While I was there, I found these awesome little signs:
Displaying IMG_4656.JPG
I bought a couple of each type to put on the desks of hard-working students who are setting a role-model example. I know my kiddos will LOVE to get one of these (with a few reward tickets, perhaps!) on their desks during work time.

I think yes.

So head on over run to your nearest Dollar Tree and see if you can snag a couple of these cute signs - at just a buck, you can't go wrong!
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