Birthdays in the Classroom

Happy Thursday from beautiful, sunny, Spring-is-on-its-way Seattle :)

Today I want to show you my birthday chart:
 I cut out suitcases (using my handy-dandy Cricut!) and labeled each with one of the 12 months. Then, I wrote each students' birthday on a yellow "luggage tag" and attached it to the appropriate month. It's cute and easy for me to look at a glance to see who's birthdays are coming up this month.

On a student's birthday, they come into the classroom to find this on their desk:
The birthday certificate can be used as a Free Homework Pass.
The "Crazy Cool" balloon is a crazy straw with a packet of Kool-Aid attached :)
You can grab the balloon template for FREE by clicking here:

About 2 weeks before each student's birthday, I give them a blank "All About Me" newspaper (that I got from Lakeshore) that they will out and bring in on their birthday. After they present them, I hang them in the hallway outside the classroom.

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