Baby Update: 30 Weeks!

Hello friends in the blogosphere!

Today I am 30 weeks pregnant: 3/4 of the way done! 
30 Weeks Pregnant Chalkboard
(although, with the size of Baby Boy, my OB isn't too confident that I'll make it to my due date! 
My hubby was 10 lbs at birth - I was 5 lbs. 
Enough said.

It's been a while since I updated, so here's an overview of my baby bump progression:

2 weeks ago I entered the 3rd trimester:
And here's today!

Baby Boy is the size of a big butternut squash (about 18 inches long and over 3 lbs!)
I'm feeling quite "large and in charge" and have definitely started to waddle!

Baby Boy seems perfectly healthy and is plenty active, keeping me on my toes with lovable pokes, somersaults, and bicycle kicks.

We're *ALMOST* done the nursery and I promise to post pictures soon. We've decorated it as a woodland forest - the perfect spot for our little guy to grow and explore.

Question to all moms out there:
What are (were) your baby must-haves?!?! All of the options out there can be dizzifying and I'd like some tried-and-true products that YOU (and your baby) LOVED.


  1. Oh wow you look amazing! Isn't it funny how different people look when pregnant! My sister in law is 15 weeks pregnant with twins and she isn't even showing - you were showing at 8!

    I'm not a mum yet, but my mum is a midwife, and she says you need lots and lots of baby flannels! The more you have, then less washing you'll be doing!

    Learning to be awesome

  2. You are glowing and beautiful! (my baby is soon to be 22 (years old) in April). Any way, I really liked to have socks that stayed on and onesies. I'm sure everything is so much different and better nowadays. I'm excited to see the woodland nursery!

  3. You are looking wonderful! Such an amazing experience...enjoy. My April baby boys will be 25 & 27 yrs. old next month! How the years have flown by.Two items that come to mind....yes...onsies! Can't have enough of them. And wish they had this when my boys were of those diaper-wipe warmers.


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