Tried It Tuesday: Heat & Energy Teaching Ideas

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Today I want to share with you some activities we did in our recent science unit on Heat & Energy.

Now, this unit is tough, filled with difficult concepts and unfamiliar vocabulary. So, I found/made a few items to supplement our curriculum:

Here's a great example of an anchor chart, discussing the different types of energy and a quick follow-up sorting activity for the visual learners in your class:
Mrs. Richardson's Class: science  Forms of EnergyThis is an activity that you can use when you are teaching about the different forms of energy.
Now we don't have science interactive notebooks (we do for reading, grammar, and Bible), but I wanted to incorporate some interactive note-taking into our study. So, I gave each student a piece of construction paper and we filled it up with foldables - in essence, we pieced together our study guide, one topic at a time. 

Here are some action shots of my kiddos working on their foldables each day:
You can check out these foldables (and much more!) in my Heat & Energy Interactive Notebook Foldables packet, available on TPT.

We also watched this video on heat by Bill Nye

We also did a couple of cool experiments:
This idea, which came from "First Grade Wow!" showed the difference that the temperature of water has on a substance.
Put glowsticks in ice and hot water.  Look at the difference!!!

We also tested to see which melted faster:
Whole peppermints or crushed peppermints (tying it back into our discussion of matter and surface area from a previous chapter)

I don't know if you've tried out Study Jams in your classroom, but we LOVE them! Here's are some fun activities to show your kiddos about energy, light, and sound:
StudyJams! Heat

Well, I hope these ideas help you to make your study of Heat and Energy more engaging!
I'm linking these ideas up with Holly from "Fourth Grade Flipper"
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