Cookie Cutter Art

Today's idea was completely accidental and spontaneous 
{as all awesome ideas usually are!}
And the kiddos LOVED it!

As you know, we are anxiously awaiting Baby Boy - and I am fully in the "nesting" stage - aka cleaning, purging, and decorating! :)

I have been going through everything, both at home and in the classroom, to prepare for this big life transition. I found this big container of cookie cutters sitting in our spare bedroom:
I brought them to school, thinking that the kindergarten teacher could do a sorting activity with them (by shape, color, etc.). One of my students say them and asked what we were going to use them for. Being all mysterious, I said, "That's for me to know and you to wonder about." Well, then it became a big deal. The students were fascinated with knowing what we were going to do with them! So I couldn't say, "nothing" (the truth!), so I had to think quickly on my feet.

Thus, an art project was born.

I called the students up to the front of the room and had each of them close their eyes and choose a cookie cutter. Then, I handed out the construction paper and told them that they were to create an elaborate art scene - and the cookie cutters they chose were to be the main subjects.

They brainstormed a little - and then started tracing their cookie cutters. They got very involved - they really went to town!

This boy pulled out a truck and a rabbit - then walked off, laughing about "road kill." Thankfully, he spared the poor bunny:
This little bear visited Mexico and was given a magical sombrero! 
This student decided to create a love story between two gingerbread people :)
After they traced the cookie cutters, they added color: 
Then, in an attempt to make this not only awesome, but also academic, they wrote short stories about what their illustrations depicted. They had a ball - and were so eager to share their pictures and stories!

Have you ever come up with an idea on the spur of the moment that worked really well? Please share in the comments section below! :)

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