Engaging Students with Angry VERBS

"It's the most wonderful time of the year...!"
That's right, my kiddos have been singing that song for a couple of weeks now - and not because of the Christmas season. Oh no, they're singing it for a different reason...
There is no better way to engage your students in grammar (and literally have them cheering for English class) than by throwing in something relate-able that they enjoy.

 We started out with a simple review: each student got two "Angry Bird" templates to color. On one, they wrote a vivid action verb and on the other, a linking verb. 
Then, the next day, we colored more angry verbs and put our verb knowledge to the test by writing original sentences and differentiating between action and linking verbs.
Finally, to wrap up our first week, we integrated writing as each student developed a creative story about their "angry bird" running away and having an adventure. 
We planned our adventures using a 
handy-dandy graphic organizer:
(Keep reading for a freebie!)
When they were finished, they underlined their linking verbs in red and their action verbs in blue: 

All of these activities and printables can be found in my
Angry Verbs Unit Packet - available for only $2!

The following week, we moved away from whole-group lessons to individual practice and reinforcement:
 Angry Verbs Unit 2 includes two center (or small-group) activities:
1. Sorting Angry Verbs vs. Not-an-Angry-Verb
2. "In-Tense" Sorting Tensed Angry Verbs 
(past, present, and future)
Both games come with playing cards, a sorting mat, a student tracking chart, and an answer key
Click HERE to purchase the packet for only $4
You can buy both of these activity packets plus my 
Angry Verbs Writing Prompts Packet
in my
Mega Angry Verb Bundle!
Angry VERBS Activity Bundle

Plus, as a special for my readers, I have a little FREEBIE for you! 
Here's a fun graphic organizer that can be used to engage your students and give them valuable practice writing and identifying the different types of verbs:
Hope you have an EXCELLENT week!
If you choose to try any of these products out with your kiddos, please send me an e-mail and I'll feature you on my blog! :)


  1. Yes - I will definitely send you an email because we used your Angry Verbs pack last week, and my students LOVED it! Several of them wrote these Grandma stories because that was one of the words on the cards. Great product! It's fun to see how you expanded on the original product!

  2. I love your Angry Verbs too! They are so much fun!!

    Wild About Fifth


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