Wordless Wednesday: GENIUS Bulletin Board Trick

Hello friends!
Happy HUMP Day :)

Today I want to share a trick I learned from my Best Blogging Buddy, Joanne, from "Head Over Heels for Teaching"
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Do you see this awesome bulletin board title:
Yes, I realize it's a tad blurry because I zoomed way in..but! I did it on purpose to show you something amazing!!!
Ready for it?!?
Do you see any silver staple lines in those jet black letters?
It's all because of this awesome technique...
Color your staples black before stapling into a black background!
Okay, it's kind of a "duh" moment, I know - but it's AWESOME!

So I know this post wasn't exactly wordless, but I'm linking it up with the super cute Miss DeCarbo for her "Wordless Wednesday" party anyway :)

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  1. Slapping my forehead... Now, why couldn't I have thought of that? Seriously, what a GREAT tip! Thanks for sharing.



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