Tried It Tuesday: History Passports

Happy Tuesday, friends!
Today I'm linking up with my bud, Holly, 
for her Tried it Tuesday linky:

At the end of each unit in history, we fill in a "Passport Page" 
to record our journeys.
This serves as a review sheet for the upcoming tests and as a record of where we've "traveled to" throughout 5th grade.

Then we compile all of the pages into a "History Passport Book":
Here's our "first stop" - studying transportation in the early 1900s.
I filled in the people, dates, and vocabulary words I wanted them to know and they filled in the answers: 
Then the students design a "stamp" that represents the time period we studied.
When we make our next "visit" (WW1), we'll add another page to our passports. 
Quick, easy, and memorable - a win-win-win! :)
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