The Greatest Homework Excuse Book Ever

Have you read this book?
If not, zoom on out to the nearest library or bookstore and check this out!
It is a cute and clever book written and illustrated by a real-life fourth grade class!
The book discusses different excuses that a kid could come up with in order to explain why he doesn't have his homework. In the end, the students tells the truth and the teacher is caring and understanding, proving that there will be grace in school and that dishonesty is never a good policy.

We decided to have a little bit of fun with the book.
I challenged each of my students to create their own imaginary excuse.
As you can guess, the students' imaginations went wild:
  We compiled all of the pages into a class book and it's not "published" in our classroom library:
If you'd like to try this FUN and ENGAGING activity, 
you can grab the booklet template for FREE HERE!
I'm linking this fun idea (and great discussion-starter!) with my bud, Holly, from "Fourth Grade Flipper" for her "Tried It Tuesday" linky party:
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