Simple Sign Language in the Classroom

This year I'm incorporating a little bit of sign language into our normal classroom routine.
I found this idea from Education Oasis and thought it would interesting to try.
When a student wants to raise their hand, they raise a sign:
That way, I know when I ask "what is 8x5?" I can easily see who:
"A" - Has the answer
"I" - Has a question (I for "I" have a question)
"C" - needs to make a comment about something

It really helps to guide me as to who to call on if I don't want to break the train of thought of the class. 

The "B" sign (for bathroom) has helped tremendously. The students raise the "b" signal and I can just nod at them without interrupting our lesson.

If you would like to try this simple system, you can download these symbols HERE for free :)

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Have you used sign language in your classroom? I'd love to hear about your experience!

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