Simple Sign Language in the Classroom

This year I'm incorporating a little bit of sign language into our normal classroom routine.
I found this idea from Education Oasis and thought it would interesting to try.
When a student wants to raise their hand, they raise a sign:
That way, I know when I ask "what is 8x5?" I can easily see who:
"A" - Has the answer
"I" - Has a question (I for "I" have a question)
"C" - needs to make a comment about something

It really helps to guide me as to who to call on if I don't want to break the train of thought of the class. 

The "B" sign (for bathroom) has helped tremendously. The students raise the "b" signal and I can just nod at them without interrupting our lesson.

If you would like to try this simple system, you can download these symbols HERE for free :)

Pin this image to save the idea for later:

Have you used sign language in your classroom? I'd love to hear about your experience!

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  1. I love using sign language! It also makes the kids feel important when they know small parts of other languages. I would be sure to tell them that those are not necessarily the meaning in ASL but what they mean in your classroom (the B). My kiddos loved using signs to show responses and it give them more chances to respond…which is something that is on my district's observation forms. THanks for sharing!
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