Rules of the Road: Biblically-based Rules on the Classroom

As I planned for this new school year, I thought about my classroom management and the philosophy behind how I wanted to run things in the room and the atmosphere I wanted to create. Last year I had four generic rules (Be Ready, Be Responsible, etc.), but this year I wanted to have a biblical basis for each rule in my classroom.
Here's the bulletin board I created to display the rules:
I then made a student sheet for the kiddos to cut apart and take ownership of the rules:
Then, after we discussed the rules and the Bible verses behind them, the students signed an agreement that they would follow the rules:
I compiled the class "drivers licenses" and displayed them on the bulletin board:
The students really bought into the rules, the parents liked the Bible-basis, and the kiddos LOVED their drivers licenses :)

I'm linking this idea up with my friend, Joanne, at Head Over Heels for Teaching.
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