Car Assembly Lines...Candy-style!

In History, we've been discussing Henry Ford and how he revolutionized transportation with the implementation of the assembly line in the creation of his cars. 

Here's a video that briefly explains the genius behind the assembly line and how it made cars more economically and efficiently:

I decided to put our learning into action by using the assembly line format to make cars...made completely out of CANDY!
Yes, yes, I know - I'm the coolest teacher ever :)
Here are the supplies you will need for each car:

*You'll also need some glue dots to stick
all of the different parts together.
Here's a diagram of the completed "car"
 I had the supplies organized ahead of time in buckets for each "assembly line worker":
 We divided into "factories" and each student got a "job."
They did their job and then passed on the "car" to the next student down the line.

The gummy bears weren't part of the original diagram, but I think adding a 20th century driver to our Model T was a nice touch :)

 This was the final product:
The kids took their "cars" home and were only allowed to eat them after they told their parents 5 facts about early transportation and Henry Ford's Model T!
Definitely a memorable day in fifth grade! :)

Here's an image if you'd like to pin this idea for later:

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