Wordless Wednesday: Back to School Night

Dear blogging followers/friends - I am SO sorry I have neglected this poor little blog for so long! I have literally never gone this long without blogging since I started this baby :) Between an awesome family vacation in Hawaii, working my tail off on some awesome, long-time-coming TPT products, and jumping back into Back-to-School mode, this little teacher has been 
plum-tuckered-out! :)

I am THIS close to being ready for my classroom reveal! 
Stay tuned!!! :)
Today I am linking up with Miss DeCarbo for her 
"Wordless Wednesday" party:

Last night I got to meet my 18 incoming 5th graders! They are so sweet and eager - I've got a GREAT feeling about this year :)

This was waiting for them on their desks:
The blue packet is chocked-full of important information and forms for the parents to fill out. The "Welcome" card says "welcome" in many different languages (the left side rips off as a book mark!). Lastly, the bottom card is an "official boarding pass" I created, inviting them to join the adventure on 
Lawler Airlines :)
{see more about my travel-themed classroom by clicking on the tab at the top of the page}

Do you have a Back-to-School night to meet your students before school officially starts? Or do you have one after school is already in full swing? Or none at all?


  1. I would LOVE to have a night before school starts. A few pivotal grades do: kindergarten, seventh grade, and all new students. The rest of us wait until Meet the Teacher Night after classes begin. Ours will be next week, the third week of school.

    Your packet of materials is sooooo cute and clever... as usual! LOVE your ideas, Jessica!


  2. Some of our teachers did an open house before school started so kids could drop off their materials, and incoming K students have an orientation prior to the first day. But our meet the teacher night is a few weeks into school.

  3. I love the airline tickets! We have a meet the teacher night, but it's a few weeks into school.


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